Workshop and Hackathon


Lewis A. Jones


January 9, 2023

R for Palaeobiologists: Workshop and Hackathon

We are pleased to share that The Palaeontological Association has decided to fund our upcoming event “R for Palaeobiologists: Workshop and Hackathon” via the Grant-in-Aid scheme (PA-GA202203).

Below we provide some initial details of the event, with more details to follow over the coming months.

Location: University College London

Date: 7–8th September 2023

R is one of the most popular languages in the world of Data Science and has been widely adopted by the palaeobiology community to clean, analyse and plot data. General familiarity with R allows users to expand the potential of their research and automate routine tasks. Importantly, it allows researchers to improve the reproducibility of their research and document their analyses. The workshop component of this event will provide an introduction to databases (e.g. Paleobiology Database), building workflows in R (e.g. data cleaning), developing functions, and the versatility R has to offer. The hackathon component of this event will provide the opportunity for researchers to work together in small focus groups to develop workflows, functions and novel tools to address challenges in palaeobiology. This event will provide a great opportunity for attendees to work with different researchers and gain experience working collaboratively in R to generate reproducible research.