New release: palaeoverse v.1.2.0


Lewis A. Jones


April 19, 2023

palaeoverse v.1.2.0 is now live on CRAN!

Since v.1.1.0, we have made several updates to the package and minor bug fixes. A summary of these changes are provided below. We would also like to remind you that we welcome contributions to the palaeoverse package. The next release (v.1.3.0) is scheduled for the 1st July 2023. If you are considering submitting a pull request for this release, please allow plenty of time for the review process (~4 weeks).


  • time_bins updated to enable users to call geological time scales from Macrostrat
  • Fixed minor documentation error in tax_range_time
  • Fixed unnecessary column output in palaeorotate (#78)
  • Fixed binding issues with the “point” method in palaeorotate for some specific datasets (#78)
  • Removed deeptime dependency
  • Updated font colors in GTS2012 and GTS2020 based on background luminance
  • Fixed multi-model call in palaeorotate for the “point” method which did not return all requested model coordinates (#82)
  • Fixed an erroneous entry in interval_key (#84)
  • Added two tutorial vignettes (#31)
  • Fixed a tax_range_space bug for custom column names