New release: palaeoverse v.1.1.0


Lewis A. Jones


January 13, 2023

The new version of palaeoverse (v.1.1.0) is now live on CRAN!

Since v.1.0.0, we have made several updates to the package and minor bug fixes. A summary of these changes are provided below. We would also like to remind you that we welcome contributions to the palaeoverse package. The next release (v.1.2.0) is scheduled for the 1st April 2023. If you are considering submitting a pull request for this release, please allow plenty of time for the review process (~4 weeks).


  • Added package-level documentation function
  • bin_time now accepts user-defined probability function
  • lat_bins now accepts user-defined latitudinal range
  • bin_lat now has functionality for handling boundary occurrences
  • tax_unique now supports arbitrary higher taxonomic levels
  • time_bins now supports user input dataframes
  • tax_unique now supports returning the unique names appended to the input dataframe

Minor bug fixes

  • Updated palaeorotate reconstruction files to use an hexagonal equal-area grid
  • Added error handling for when GPlates and Zenodo is offline
  • Added default value for the round argument in palaeorotate
  • Resolved issue with chunk processing in palaeorotate
  • Fixed the behavior of time_bins(scale = “GTS2012”)
  • Fixed tests when suggested packages were not installed
  • Removed dependence of tests on divDyn and deeptime
  • Fixed tax_range_time example
  • Fixed look_up issue when handling pre-Cambrian occurrences
  • tax_unique now retains homonyms from different higher taxonomic groups
  • Fixed axis_geo for phylogenies