About us

We encourage more open, reproducible and collaborative research in Palaeobiology. To do so, we provide tools and resources–developed alongside the community–that help to promote this culture.

What we do

Develop R Packages

We develop tools for the community to help streamline analyses and improve code readability and reproducibility. See more…

Compile community news

With your help, we compile community news on upcoming conferences, workshops, and vacancies. We also provide a register of research labs around the world. See more…

Track funding opportunities

We help track funding opportunities for palaeobiological research with an online community database. See more…

Build community spaces

We build informal community spaces for palaeobiologists to share ideas and resources, advertise opportunities, and network with colleagues. See more…

Our team

Lewis Jones
Universidade de Vigo

Will Gearty
American Museum of Natural History

Bethany Allen
ETH Zürich

Christopher Dean
University College London

Sofía Galván
Universidade de Vigo

Pedro Godoy
University of São Paulo

Miranta Kouvari
University College London

Cecily Nicholl
University College London

Kilian Eichenseer
University of Durham

Alessandro Chiarenza
Universidade de Vigo

Erin Dillon
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Lucas Buffan
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon